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What is Hotelcard?

Hotelcard is a worldwide novelty in the tourism industry. With the Hotelcard membership you can save 50% on hotel bookings. Explore over 700 hotels in the most beautiful regions and book as often as you like and stay as many nights as you wish.

And the best is, your membership fee can be recouped after just one or two night's stay!

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What our members say

Even on short notice

"As an independent freelancer at Rettung und Anästhesie GmbH, I can often benefit from the great Hotelcard offers on short notice. I have had many positive experiences and can highly recommend the Hotelcard."

Veronika Gerber

Simply a great thing

"Thanks to the Hotelcard we enjoyed great days at half price! I bought a Hotelcard for three years; After only one night I had already amortized the price of the memebership. My mates are as enthusiastic as I am!"

Oliver Bayard

Only good experiences

"For me the Hotelcard is a real pleasure. In the last few years it made choosing a hotel much easier and cut my lodging expenses by half. I have consistently had good experiences with it. and can truly recommend it."

Beatrix Spring

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