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Register now and promote your hotel within our community of over 180,000 Hotelcard members. There are no commission fees and bookings are made directly between you and your guests.

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Hotelcard generates revenues through membership fees. No cost, no fees. Hotelcard is free for participating hotels.

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Improve your room occupancy rate thanks to Hotelcard members and increase your sales throughout the year.


We constantly communicate with the Hotelcard members, so start spreading the word, register now and promote your hotel.

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With Hotelcard, you can manage available dates and rooms according to your needs, in advance and also at the last minute.

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Through Hotelcard, no binding bookings are made. It’s completely up to you to accept or decline booking requests.

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Over the past years, we have been overwhelmed by the excellent feedback we received from hotelier as well as from guests.

You manage your prices and availability
with a Channel Manager?

No problem. We are happy to include your Channel Manager in our system. The following Channel Managers have already been integrated:

Contact us for Channel Manager integration.
You can reach us on +49 711 51860990 or [email protected]

What hotels say about Hotelcard


„It is very pleasing to see that many of our Hotelcard guests like to buy additional services or visit our restaurant.“
Erik Roedenbeck
Manager Hotels Trafo and Blue City
„We highly appreciate the fact that Hotelcard does not charge any commission fees like other booking portals do.“
Mario Resch
Manager Hotel Schweizerhof / Swiss Alp Resort & SPA
„Working with Hotelcard doesn’t force us to block room contingents and gives us the freedom to promote vacancices according our needs. That is a huge plus.“
Nicolas Gartmann-Jolis
Manager Hotel Säntis


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Please call +41 848 711 717 or [email protected]. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

What services does the customer get with Hotelcard at half price?
As hotelier, you decide whether you want to include breakfast in the overnight stay or only the room at half price. All other services that the guest may benefit from can be charged at full price.

Do I have to pay a registration fee as a hotel?
No, Hotelcard generates revenues through membership fees. No cost, no fees. Hotelcard is free for participating hotels.

When should Hotelcard members show their card?
Members who register on submit their data online. This allows us to automatically check the Hotelcard’s validity period. Sending a physical Hotelcard in credit card format is thus rendered unnecessary. Your front desk staff need only check the cards of those members who have booked via

How can I tell on which website the Hotelcard member booked his stay?
You can tell whether a member is booking via or from the booking requests. Those that you receive via will arrive in a slightly different design.