Top 4 cycling paths in autumn

It gets dark early, cold and rainy. But that does not stop true athletes from swinging on their bikes and riding for miles. Germany, Switzerland and Austria offer fantastic opportunities to go cycling even in this gray season and we suggest cycling fans some great routes. So if you put your bike in the cellar in the fall, you will miss the opportunity to make some beautiful experiences. Many routes are crowded in the summer by walkers, cyclists and other distraction. In the autumn you do not have to fear the crowd and you can enjoy sightseeing on beautiful cycling tracks.

Top 4 cycling paths in autumn

1. The Lovely Tauber Valley

With a length of 100 kilometers, the cycle path of the Tauber Valley is perfect for an autumnal weekend tour. When the leaves of the trees turn yellow and orange, the landscape and culture trail shows itself from one of its most beautiful sides. Numerous interesting cities, starting with the medieval town Rothenburg ob der Tauber, lie on the way. Autumn being the time of grape harvesting, the small wine villages offer particularly interesting culinary delights.

2. Old railway tracks in the Ruhr area

Autumn is the time of harvest, but also of transience. What could be a better destination for an autumn bike ride than the signs of impermanence in the Ruhr area: the former mines, factories, blast furnaces and monuments of industrial culture. Via old railway tracks and late autumn natural landscapes, this alternative route of industrial culture never loses its charm.

3. Around Usedom

The tourists have largely withdrawn and autumn cyclists now have the entire island for themselves. Empty streets invite to evening bike rides. Through the interior of the island or along the Baltic Sea beaches. For peace and privacy, the Baltic Sea cycle route offers, this is particularly beautiful and romantic in the autumn and the seaside resorts can be used almost exclusively.

4. From the Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea

The flat land between the Teufelsmoor and the North Sea is strongly influenced by the water. Rivers and ditches invite to boat tours and mudflat hiking give the opportunity for exciting observations of nature. Museums and interesting villages tell of the region's long history, as do the port and Hanseatic cities. The fact that the history of the Hanseatic League, the sea and the moor are still here, can be experienced quickly on a city tour through Bremen or a break on the Elbe dike.


All routes lead through cities worth seeing, such as Bremen, Ulm, Bamberg or Münster. They are best explored on two wheels - there are often city tours by bike. So you can experience much more than on foot or by bus and train.

So if you have the desire to ride a bike, you should upgrade your bike as fast as possible and take the time for this extensive cycling trip. And we at Hotelcard make sure that you can spend the night in the most comfortable hotels at half the price. Just take a look at our wide selection and have a good time. Happy cycling!


Samir - 21.11.2017