Top 3 records in Germany

The Germans are known worldwide for some particular things. But you have never heard of this one. Kathy and I have looked at the most odd records of the Germans in Germany. There will be more funny records in the future, so check it out.

Top 3 records in Germany

#3 The world's most tilting tower is NOT in Pisa.

Many think that the world's most tilted tower is in Pisa, where thousands of photos are taken every day. It is tagged, posted, snapped. But actually, the world's most leaning tower is in Suurhusen in East Friesland. Who would have thought? A few kilometers outside of Emden is the church with the most leaning tower in the world. With a leaning angle of 5.19 degrees, the church tower entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2007. What about the tower of Pisa? The leaning angle is only 3,97 degrees. Italy must still catch up a bit. But you can find nice hotels at half price there too.

#2 Whoever likes it narrow must go to Reutlingen

After a massive citywide fire in 1726, Reutlingen was almost completely destroyed. Since the city was to be rebuilt quickly, someone seemed to be in a hurry and built something prematurely. The Spreuerhof was originally a hay barn for the Reutlingen hospital. In this charming corner, the past of the medieval city is still alive. According to Guinness Book of Records, since 2007 the Spreuerhofstrasse is the narrowest street in the world. Who now says:"Oh that is only a gap between two houses!" is unfortunately completely wrong. The Spreuerhofstrasse is a street officially registered in the city register. If you are traveling in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, this phenomenon should not be missed. We also have a lot of hotels in Southern Germany, so join in and explore the region quickly!

#1 Miniland – From micro to macro: the largest building made out of Lego pieces

What can be built with more than 1 million Lego pieces on an area of 5m x 4.5m, at a height of 1m and a weight of 1.5 tonnes? Right, a true replica of the Allianz-Arena in Munich. In Legoland, this wonder of precision is always gazed at by hundreds of visitors. In Günzburg, the world's largest connected building from Lego pieces was founded in 2016 and was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. For the stands alone, 30,000 lego players were required. How many working hours behind it is unfortunately not known, but this spectacle should not be missed!

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