The Hotelcard Gift Card - valid for a whole year

The gift problem
Do you know this situation too? You’re expected at this birthday party in a couple of hours and, although you have this appointment written down in your calendar for two whole months, somehow the daily routine took over. You completely forgot about getting a gift and now due to time constraints and growing panic, your creative ideas aren’t popping up to your mind. Where to get an original present that lasts long enough to be enjoyed and that makes the person smile whenever they us it? But also something anyone can relate to and still special and personal?


Offer 2.0 joy

Offering happy moments was never easier: the Hotelcard Gift Card gives your loved ones many unforgettable moments in the most attractive hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland - all at ½ price. What’s more, your present is not limited to a single experience, but to a variety of lasting memories. The Hotelcard Gift Card can be used as often as desired during its validity period.

As the person enjoying it will only pay half of the regular price for each hotel stay, she will happily remember you at each booking. The Hotelcard Gift Card can be designed online, personalised with a message and conveniently printed at home or shared directly as a PDF file: ideal for last-minute gift acrobats! Organised long-term planers can also have the card sent home in credit card format.


The perfect gift: as easy as this

  • Go to and click Buy a Gift Card
  • Select the format you want
  • Share the joy


Why not order a Gift Card now and make a unique gift for a special person?