Sylt, Usedom or Rügen: Try it at half price!

Fantastic sandy beaches, wild-romantic coves and unique landscapes : the German islands on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea enchant their visitors with their stunning variety. And the best: to experience this multifaceted holiday feeling, you do not even have to travel far. But the big question is: North Sea or Baltic Sea? Which coast is sunnier, which has the more beautiful beaches and which offers a more diversified leisure program? We made the test for you.

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Coastal comparison in autumn

Holidays on the North Sea and Baltic Sea are an absolute highlight throughout the year, but especially from September. In late summer, after summer's hectical summer tourism, quietness begins to recede, prices fell a little, and nature emerged from its most beautiful side: the waves start rising, the wind carries the salty sea breezes and all the trees and plants change their colours in splendid golden tones - wonderfully contrasting to the deep blue sea.



The weather on the East coast is much milder and one has more sunshine in the autumn than on the North coast. Sure, whoever is looking for after summer summervibes should prioritize a stay on the East Coast. But depending on your physical condition, holidays on one coast are better than on the other. Thus, people with allergies due to the harsh climate are recommended to stay at the North Sea. Patients with hypertension are more likely to enjoy the mild temperatures on the Baltic Sea. In terms of weather, we can not choose a clear favorite: both coasts offer their advantages.



There are many wonderful beaches on the North as well as on the Baltic Sea. Sylt, however, with its 40 kilometer long sandy beach stands out clearly. It is said to be one of the longest beaches of the two German coasts. The North Sea coast scores not only with the longest, but also with the widest beach. This is located in St.-Peter-Ording and extends over a width of about 2 kilometers. Directly on the beach in Sylt is the renowned restaurant «Zanzibar». According to the rumors, many well-known actors, presenters and models meet here. If you want to dine after an extensive beach walk next to the stars, you should plan your vacation in Sylt. This point clearly goes to the North Sea.


Leisure program

Hiking, biking, sailing, windsurfing and so on: there are numerous leisure opportunities at both costs. But where can you do more during a bad weather period?
On both German coasts you can find various alternatives to the beautiful weather program. In the north, for example, the bath «Sylter Welle» or various thermal baths in Bensersiel, Emden or St.-Peter-Ording. The leisure offer along the East coast is, however, almost a little more diverse. In addition to thermal baths such as those in Zinnowitz on Usedom, there are numerous adventure baths, museums, indoor playgrounds and so on. With regard to leisure facilities, the two coasts are offering a head-to-head race. But the Baltic Sea is promising a little more fun, especially for children.


Whether doing a sailingtrip on the high seas, a bikeride along the shores or a hike along steep coasts: Sylt, Usedom and Rügen leave nothing to be desired. Thanks to Hotelcard you will find the right hotel at half price both on the North Sea and on the Baltic Sea.


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Kathy - 28.08.2017