Hotel gems without star rating

When choosing a hotel, one usually check how many stars it has. The more stars, the higher the standard. This rating is a guide for us and helps us to find accommodation that meets our needs. In Germany, the hotel classification system has been uniformly regulated since January 2010 by «Hotelstars Union».

So what about inns that have no star rating? Are these qualitatively worse than classified hotels? No, not at all! Many hotels deliberately do without a hotel classification, since this is associated with costs. We have selected for you 5 of our hotel gems without star rating, which couldn’t be any more beautiful. Persuade yourself right here.

Hotel gems without star rating

1. Time travel in the Kurvilla am Park

An overnight stay within the historical walls of this 19th century Art Nouveau villa is an unforgettable experience and just the right thing for all those who love small details.

Over the softly creaking wooden floors past the marble fireplace into the sunny winter garden, the history of this imposing house can be traced at every step.

In the Kurvilla am Park you will stay in large, bright hotel rooms with lots of charm, all different from another and with a lot of attention to detail.

Take a little time travel at half price in this Art Nouveau hotel in Bad Kisslingen.

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Kurvilla am Park

2. Landhotel Maiergschwendt by Deva: Bavarian comfort

Off the beaten track, the Landhotel Maiergschwendt by Deva is idyllically situated in a nature reserve.

All rooms have a typical Bavarian charm and offer a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains: ideal for those who want to recharge their batteries.

No wonder the German Biathlon team has been preparing for the IBU World Cup for years at the Landhotel Maiergschwendt.

Treat yourself to typical Bavarian comfort and benefit from 50% off during your next stay.

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Landhotel Maiergschwendt by Deva

3. Gut Gremmelin: sweet idleness

On the edge of the Mecklenburg lake plateau, in the midst of a beautiful park and directly at the Hofsee lies this «0 star» hotel gem.

The building complex, dating from the 14th century, was once a manor house. Since the 90’s, the beautiful rooms, which one or other indulge in nostalgia, function as a hotel.

Thanks to Hotelcard you will stay in a double room in the guesthouse during the whole November for only €40 instead of €80.

Treat yourself to a little stroll in the hotel's own park, let yourself be spoiled by the kitchen team or discover the unspoiled nature around the Hofsee on a bike ride.

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Gut Gremmelin

4. Bad Kyburg: unusually varied

If you are looking for a little variety, you will definitely love the Bad Kyburg hotel in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland.

The 12 rooms of this boutique hotel, which was renovated and enlarged in 2012, are all unique. Each room bears its own name, which already announces the special feature of the respective room ambiance. In the double room "ladies and divas" even gentlemen may feel a little like a diva while the room "Caverna Magica" is dedicated to escape the everyday routine.

There are no baths in Bad Kyburg anymore, but a great restaurant with an in-house brewery.

In November and December, you can stay in the "Caverna Magica" room at half price.

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Bad Kyburg

5. Jägerhotel: wonderfully unique

Looking for the perfect winter hotspot for the upcoming ski holiday? Then you are in the right place at the Jägerhotel in Austria.

The hotel is located slightly above Annenheim, so you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Austrian Alps, the Villacher Becken and the Oassiacher See.

Enjoy the fresh mountain air on the slopes of the Gerlitzen during the day and let yourself be pampered with Austrian and Hungarian specialties in the evening at the Panoramarestaurant.

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Kathy - 13.10.2017