Discover Switzerland at half price

When you think of Switzerland, you immediately think of cheese, chocolate or yodeling. But our neighboring country has much more to offer than Fondue, Toblerone or «Schwyzerörgeli».
Samir and I have selected 5 must visits for your next trip to beautiful Switzerland which you absolutely must discover during your stay with Hotelcard.

Discover Switzerland at half price

1. Matterhorn - the most-photographed mountain in the world

Thanks to its unique shape, the Matterhorn is known far beyond its national borders. The pyramid-shaped appearance of this 4'478-meter-high colossus of mountain is a symbol for Switzerland. You’ll find the image of the Matterhorn on numerous products such as Toblerone chocolate.

In 1865 the Matterhorn was known worldwide by the first ascent of seven courageous climbers. Since this important event, thousands of ambitious alpinists travel to Zermatt every year to try the challenging Matterhorn ascent. If you want to have the best view of the most-photographed mountain in the world, travel to Matterhorn Paradise.

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2. The Rhine Falls - the largest waterfall in Europe

This impressive nature play, which originated more than 15’000 years ago, can not be missed on your next stay in Switzerland. The Rhine Falls stretches over a width of over 150 meters. Each second, 600’000 liters of water fall 23 meters into the deep. The largest waterfall in Europe is located about four kilometers from the charming town of Schaffhausen, halfway between Zurich and Baden-Württemberg.

Particularly impressing is the mighty Rhine Falls rock, which, in spite of nature, projects directly from the waterfall and forces the immense quantity of water to make its way around it. Here’s the highlight: You can climb this rock! Take the ship from pier Schlössli Wörth - the captain will briefly moor the boat for brave adventurers.

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3. Oeschinensee - a paradise for hiking

The Oeschinensee impresses with the deep blue colour of its water. It lies above Kandersteg in the canton of Berne and belongs to one of the largest mountain lakes of Switzerland. it’s part of the UNSECO’s world heritage for more than 10 years, which makes it even more popular as an excursion destination.

The area around the Oeschinensee is a true hiking paradise for young and old. You’ll find numerous hiking trails to and around the lake. In the summer the water temperature reaches up to 20 degrees - the ideal cooling off after a exhausting hike! If you prefer to go lazy, picnic or grill this can be done at one of the many cozy places. Take a break in the beautiful Bernese Oberland and enjoy the incredible flora and fauna in this region.

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© Kandersteg Tourismus

© Kandersteg Tourismus

4. Creux du Van - the Grand Canyon of Switzerland

Now that we have presented three impressive excursion destinations in the german-speaking part of Switzerland, we are making a brief excursion to the french-speaking part of Switzerland. The «Creux du Van» is located in the Jura - partly in the canton of Neuchâtel and partly in the canton of Vaud. Its sight is strongly reminiscent of a miniature version of the Grand Canyon.

The Creux du Van stretches over 1'200 meters in width and 500 meters in depth and has an incredible attraction. It is assumed that this impressive natural spectacle was created by erosion after the ice age. On the beautiful walk up to the Creux du Van, you see many capricorns and chamoises.

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© Matthias Taugwalder

5. Verzasca Valley - beautiful valley in ticino

After our tip in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, a must visit in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland can not be missed. On your next stay in Switzerland, plan a few days in Ticino to visit the beautiful Verzasca Valley. It is located at the northern end of the lake «Lago Maggiore» and is a true hiking paradise.

For more than 20 years, the Verzasca Valley - especially Verzasca dam - has been known all over the world. In 1995 the movie «Goldeneye» was published. James Bond jumped 220 meters into the depth from this dam: an impressive stunt, which remained in the minds of the people. Today, thousands of adulterous adrenaline junkies travel to the village of Gordola every year to take the daring leap. Do you dare to jump from the highest stationary bungee system in the world for 7,5 seconds in free fall like 007?

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Verzascatal © Ascona-Locarno Tourism

© Ascona-Locarno Tourism

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Kathy - 31.07.2017