German Unity Day

For 27 years, Germany has been one. And this is celebrated. The German Unity Day commemorates on 3 October the anniversary of German reunification when East and West Germany got joined back together after a long separation. Wherever celebrations are held, there are also bank holidays. Why not you use this occasion for a short trip to the Federal Republic of Germany? These are two good reasons to celebrate.

With Hotelcard, save 50% on your next hotel booking. To celebrate that, we think there should be another bank holiday! Here are some destinations that we recommend for your next trip to Germany.

Berlin wall

#1 Dresden

Lovers of the baroque style and of cultural and artistic splendour will fall in love with the city of Dresden. The state capital of Saxony, which is located on the river Elbe, is visited annually by millions of travelers and never seems to lose its charm. Dresden's 10 city disctricts impress with their individual charms and all have something to offer for every taste.

Dresden offers some gorgeous places, which almost become a mandatory visit, if one is in the city.

One of the most impressive buildings is the Semperoper, which was built for the first time in 1848. After the bombing of Dresden it was rebuilt for almost 10 years. After an extensive tour of the opera, you will be able to relax in one of the many Dresden parks. The Great Garden (Große Garten) is one of the largest and most beautiful city parks. If you travel with children, you can enjoy them together with a visit to the zoo or a ride on the park railroad.

At the Carolasee (Carola lake) you can take a break after a long day of sightseeing. But of course Dresden offers much more than what we have mentioned here. Visit the city and enjoy quality hotels at half price with your Hotelcard.

#2 Berlin

Although the federal capital is a popular destination at any time of year, it is a special highlight on the Day of German Unity. The most famous sight in Germany is the Brandenburg Gate in the Dorotheenstadt. It is the symbol of the city as well as a national one. Throughout its existence, the Brandenburg Gate was regularly a site for major historical events.

After the Second World War it became a symbol of the division of Berlin and the nation. The Reichstag in the Tiergarten at the gates of Old Berlin is now the seat of the German parliament (Bundestag) and was the meeting place for the Reichstag and the Federal Council of the Wilhelminian Empire and the Weimar Republic.

The Berliner TV tower (Fernsehturm) is 368m high with a panorama floor at 203.7m high and a revolving restaurant in the sphere at about 207.5m. The elevators require about 40 seconds to get up there. For safety reasons, it is not accessible by wheelchair.

Samir - 22.09.2017