Are Germans moving forward?

Are Germans actually moving forward? You bet they do, preferably on a bicycle. Cycling is pure pleasure! Especially in Germany it is one of the most popular means of transport for more than 50% of the population. Is it because Germany has such a good road network? Maybe, but maybe not. What’s certain is that cycling is a lot of fun. Whether on quiet country roads, on downhill trails through forests, over mountains or in the dynamic urban traffic.

Are Germans moving forward?

Whether on the Rhine, the Danube or the south of Germany. There are wonderful bike paths everywhere. Long or short, every cyclist finds something for his taste.

However, one cycle path is worth mentioning: the Elberadweg.
Kathy and I will tell you what makes this route so special and why it is the best cycling route in Germany. So strap in tight and learn why an adventure on the bike is definitely worth it.

If you like the water, even without the sky high temperatures to go swimming, you will be particularly enthusiastic about the Elberadweg.
One of the most popular cycling routes, covering a distance of 1220km from Cuxhaven to the Czech border, seeded with award-winning villages and routes and a breathtaking atmosphere for every cyclist’s taste. Singles, couples and even families regularly spend their vacation there and experience tremendous adventures. Located along the route you will find cyclist-friendly accommodations so you can enjoy your bike room to the fullest. In Germany, the bike route leads through seven federal states ending in Bad Schandau on the Czech border.
With a length of 860 km in Germany it runs through the Hansestädte Stade, Hamburg and Havelberg, Magdeburg, Meissen, Dresden and the Lutherstadt Wittenberg. If you wish, you can stay on the route through the Czech Republic to the Elbe River spring in the Riesengebirge. The path is very flat, mostly paved and car-free.

If you want to go on this adventure, you can experience other attractions in the region. For example the Bastei in Lohmen or the port of Hamburg. So how about a little trip into the beautiful HafenCity before the bike tour starts? Or take a look at Glückstadt and explore the beautiful old town. Experience the Elbsandsteingebirge or the Kiel Canal. There are numerous possibilities on the Elberadweg to create a wonderful experience. So do not wait long and hop on your bike!

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The Elberadweg